What is This?

muTube is a simple search engine for songs in youtube. It searches music videos in user shared bookmarks, and builds a playlist to give some background music on your computer. All the components of the programs are written in Javascript, which means all the searching and playing jobs are done in your machine by your own web browser. It helps to avoid the copyright issues of playing music. 뮤튜브는 유튜브 즐겨찾기 페이지로, 뮤직비디오 검색을 할 수 있습니다. MP3 변환을 위해서는 Java 프로그램인 튜봇 을 설치해 가동하십시오.

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Searched or listed from XML data

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For downloading MP3 file, TuBot client should be running simultaneously. TuBot needs Java Runtime Environment. MP3 변환을 위해서는 튜봇 을 설치해 가동하면서 웹브라우저를 사용하여야 합니다. 튜봇은 Java 를 필요로 합니다.